Brazil: A Photograph for the Future

Dot Editions' Rocky Kenworthy and Linn Edwards are each donating a photograph to A Photograph for the Future, an auction raising money to benefit the building of a children’s health clinic in Pantanal, Brazil. The prints will be displayed and available for purchase on May 13 at Books Import, a store in Milan dedicated to international illustrated books (updated info) a gallery in Milan called Antonia Jannone. The auction is being organized in part by friend of the studio, Barbara Gentile.

About the campaign, from the Amici del Pantanal press release: Pantanal is a vast area in Brazil, bordering Bolivia and Paraguay, a tropical wetland and the world’s largest wetland of any kind. The population’s main problems there are poverty and lack of infrastructure, like hospitals and schools.

At the outskirts of Belem, the main city rises a Mission guided by Frei apollonio Troesi, which features a school and a nursery caring for over 3OO children daily.

There is a project to build a clinic there, to provide free healthcare and health education to the children and their families. This project is lead by two Italian pediatricians, angela Brancaccio and Paola Sgaramella, and their organization Associazione Amici del Pantanal.

The amount needed to complete the clinic is € 5O,OOO. Half of this has already been raised through other initiatives, but to speed up the process even more we are inviting you to be part of BRAZIL: a photograph for the future.