Show & Tell: Photographers Salon #2

Last night's second Show & Tell was a big success, thanks to our very special guest speakers, three of PDN's 30: Adrian Mueller, Elizabeth Weinberg, and Gabriele Stabile.

Adrian Mueller started out the evening, discussing how he started out as a building contractor, and how that led to a career as a still life and travel photographer.

Elizabeth Weinberg went next, talking about how a working for a musician manager in college allowed access for her to photograph various musicians, which led to her career as an editorial photographer.

Gabriele Stabile closed the night with his moving photojournalism projects, which include photographing refugees' first nights in America at motels, documentation of the violence and prisons in the Gaza Strip, and photography from behind the scenes at restaurant Momofuko for Gourmet Magazine.

Thanks again to our three guest speakers for sharing their work and experiences, as well as to everyone who came out to the studio. It was definitely our most fun and well-attended event yet! We're planning the next one for mid-May, so stay tuned! Here are some more photos from last night. Thank you to Joanne Chan for taking them!