Point.Shoot.See! - Exhibition at the Brookly Academy of Music

We were happy to catch Klaus Schoenweise's project, "Point.Shoot.See!" at BAM this weekend. The work displayed was shown in conjunction with BAM's 'Dance Africa 2010' in the Opera House Lobby.

Klaus traveled to Zambia in 2007 to teach a photography workshop with kids living at the Chishawasha Children's Home, an organization that cares for children who have been orphaned by the AIDS crisis. He partnered with Kids with Cameras, which sponsors photography workshops for disadvantaged children around the world. Read more about his Zambia Workshop in Smithsonian Magazine.

It was wonderful to see his work during BAM's Dance Africa festival, and to see so many people taking in the work and the gravity of the project.

From Klaus' website:

We're delighted about the invitation to show at this world-reknown cultural venue. The occasion couldn't be better as this year's 'Dance Africa' Festival performances at BAM shine a spotlight on Zambia. To compliment his recent photography workshop with young members of a fabulous community dance program at the 'Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration', Klaus Schoenwiese proudly presents his Zambian workshop student's best photographs - giving participants, festival guests and the general public alike opportunity to learn more about life in Zambia.

All proceeds from this project go to benefit the Chishawasha Children's Home and the Zambian Children's Fund. Click here to see some of the projects that are being funded there now!