Opening tonight: Myriam Babin at Heskin Contemporary

Myriam Babin: Arctic Recent Photographs Dot Editions worked with Myriam Babin to produce work that opens in  her photo exhibition tonight at Heskin Contemporary (443 West 37th, 6-9pm)

"Myriam Babin’s recent nine-day journey up the coast of Norway to the Svalbard Island deep into the Arctic circle, the photographer found herself captivated by the 24 hours of sunlight, and the constant evolving scenery.  Initially the waters among the fjords were silky and reflective.  Heading north, the weather worsened, the sea took on a darker, more menacing character.  Upon first encountering sea ice, the shipped slowed in order to navigate around the large pieces that could be icebergs in disguise.  Other then the sound of sea ice brushing past the hull, there was an incredible stillness.  In these photographs, Babin sought to capture the meditative quality of the endless, austere landscape.  She found solace in being at the ends of the earth.the earth."