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CURRENT exhibition:

The Gallery @ Dot Editions is pleased to present DIES LUNAE XI JULIUS MMXVI, the first exhibition of work by photographer Jonathan Saunders, opening October 11th.

On July 11, 2006, Saunders and a love were faced with a choice that would forever change the trajectory of their lives. They made their choice together - and that evening, Saunders made another pivotal decision: He would mark that significant moment the following year, on the exact date, with the promise to himself, “I will spend the day creating something at the limits of my ability.”

Saunders has kept that oath every July 11th since, producing an ever-growing body of work, each anniversary approached differently in terms of tools, techniques, planning, and happenstance. Images featured in this show were created entirely on the 10th anniversary

DIES LUNAE XI JULIUS MMXVI is up thru Dec 20, 2019.

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pasT Exhibitions:

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THE GALLERY @ Dot Editions is pleased to announce or first show, Instant Fun!, opening March 15th.

Instant Fun!, photographs by Joanne Chan, is a body of work that celebrates both a photographic process visionary for it’s time and a photographer who utilized the medium to document stories and interact with subjects in a unique way. Read the artist statement explaining Ms. Chan’s introduction to the medium, Polaroid cameras 180 and 195 with 665 film, and a glimpse into the process and stories behind the work included in Instant Fun!

Artist Statement