The Gallery @ Dot Editions

Dot Editions is pleased to announce the completion of our new exhibition space, The Gallery.


The Gallery will serve as an opportunity to explore the practices of collecting and
exhibiting work, and will allow Dot Editions to draw on years of collaboration with fine
art photographers in curating shows. It is conceived of as a resource for
the local community, helping to generate critical dialogue through each exhibition.

The gallery build was carried out in large part by Sather Robinson-Waters, a photographer
and member of the Dot team. Over the course of several weeks, Sather cleared, cleaned,
prepped, built, and finished the space, which is an annex of the Dot Editions studio.


The Gallery’s inaugural show will open in January, and will draw from a growing collection organized by Rocky and Ben Nixon.

As part of Photo+Sphere, The Gallery hosted A Dialogue in Photographs, featuring the work of Susan Patrice and Benjamin Dimmitt. Each of their work points the camera at the natural landscape, documenting processes of change on varying timeframes.

Dimmitt has been photographing the same estuary on the Florida coastline for twenty years, and presents images, often paired, of the past and present to visually represent the damages that increasingly saline water has had on the ecosystem.


Patrice’s photographs were taken as part of an intuitive process of tracking
subtle changes in light through the Pisgah forest canopy, responding to more immediate
shifts in the environment during days spent in the woods.


Together, the works invite us to examine our place in an ever-changing landscape and how we can represent those changes.

The current show is open to the public until (check with Rocky on closing date)

Dot Editions