A Look Back at photo+sphere


photo+sphere is wrapping up after a week full of programming at the intersection of photography and climate justice. The conference, organized by a team of artists and scientists, offered events across town ranging from photography exhibitions to artist lectures and immersive visualizations of the cosmos.

Dot Editions is happy to have collaborated on several events helping to scan, print, frame, and install work. Here below are a few projects we worked on and other highlights from our time around town:

The Arctic Is Asheville

The week started with Mel Chin’s inspiring keynote presentation The Arctic Is Asheville at the Asheville Masonic Temple. Along with a discussion on his approach to conceptual and visual art that erases the boundaries between art and activism, he also discussed the Wake and Unmoored project on display in NYC’s Times Square this past summer, a two-part mixed reality art installation engineered and fabricated at UNC-A’s STEAM Studio.


If you’re not familiar with Mel Chin, or even if you are, check out his website for a portfolio of his work addressing social and environmental issues.

The Cloud Library, Volume 1

Curated by Eric Baden with assistant curator Kaylee Dunn, The Cloud Library, Volume 1 organizes a thorough examination of clouds in their physical and conceptual manifestations. Bringing together an international group of artists the work explores questions about clarity, fog, archiving, and the camera’s ability to reproduce these hazy forms.

IMG_2651-1024x768 v3.jpg

Among the great work on display is Anton Kusters’ The Blue Skies Project, a presentation of 1,078 polaroids of the skies above the last known location of every former Nazi Germany concentration camp. We were proud to support the show by printing, mounting, and working with the curators on how to install this piece in a way that best represented the artist’s vision.


The exhibition will be up at the Elizabeth Holden Gallery on the Warren Wilson College campus through November 20, 2018.

Altering Nature: Pictures of a Changing Environment

Curated by Diana C. Stoll, Altering Nature: Pictures of a Changing Environment is on display at Tracey Morgan Gallery thru December 22, 2018. The show includes work from nine photographers, each using their own a techniques and media to tell a visual story about humans’ evolving relationship to and role in the past, present, and future of the environment.

Dot Editions had the opportunity to work with two of the nine photographers, Ron Tarver and Marcus DeSieno, on printing and mounting their work for the exhibition.

For the full slate of events that took place check out the Photo+sphere website here.

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