Launch of THE GALLERY @ Dot Editions

We’re excited to announce a new venture and addition to our space, THE GALLERY @ Dot Editions.

THE GALLERY @ Dot Editions celebrates the discovery, preservation, and collection of  photographic bodies of work that offer a unique lens into the world at a given place in time.

Gallery brainchild Rocky Kenworthy got his start putting on exhibitions in the mid-90s while living in a decommissioned synagogue in New York City’s East Village. The 2nd floor sanctuary of the synagogue, having been transformed into a public art space, served as the palette for displaying a range of work, often from unknown or obscure artists that had fascinating stories to tell both through their bodies of work but also about the situations and environments in which the work was conceived.

At the same time Rocky continued his work as photographer and assistant to several world renowned photographers. Being frontline at the shoots and behind the scenes in the studio he witnessed several bodies of work being meticulously filed away, each representing a mark of the times but only on rare occasion getting to see the light of day.

Moving to Asheville in 2010, Rocky met Ben Nixon, a curator, photographer, and dark room artist who recently returned to the area after a decade on the West Coast assisting photographers and museums in building out and displaying collections of work.

It was through these and other such experiences over the years that the idea came about to open a gallery with the sole purpose of bringing new life to undiscovered bodies of work. And so, in partnership with Ben Nixon THE GALLERY @ Dot Editions was born.


With a focus on late twentieth to early twenty first century photography, THE GALLERY aims to contribute to Asheville’s excitement in the arts by offering an added layer of interest and understanding around the value of building collections of work that make a strong statement on their own or as an addendum to a broader story. We hope that thru the shared experience of viewing and discussing these collections they will gain a new life and make a connection with each person who walks through the gallery doors.

Our inaugural show will be opening next week. View the event details here, and subscribe to our newsletter for announcements about future shows.

See you at THE GALLERY!

Dot Editions