What is the state of YOUR printed photography portfolio?

We are busy preparing for our June 9 discussion in the studio about new options for printing photography portfolios.

We are excited to announce that photo editor/photographer/workshop leader (for SalaamGarage) Maggie Soladay will be a guest speaker, to offer her input on the state of the printed photography portfolio in the digital age. If you’ve given up on your portfolio in lieu of your website, think again. Print is king in the virtual age, and art buyers and photo editors know it.

Until June 9, we're wondering: What is the state of YOUR portfolio? Are you endlessly revamping it? Printing it yourself? Using plastic-sleeves? Letting it gather dust while you post new projects on your website or blog? Do you have one precious copy, or multiple copies that you constantly send out to editors? Please leave a comment below!!!

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