Tonight's round-up of gallery openings

It's first Thursday in DUMBO - so some interesting shows opening there, including Eric Hairabedian and Kris Graves book pre-launch and exhibition, "A Queens Affair" at Farmani Gallery.  Kris Graves and Eric Hairabedian, A Queens Affair

Eric Hairabedian, Kris Graves "A Queens Affair" at Farmani Gallery, 111 Front street, suite 212, 6-8pm

A Queens Affair is a culmination of eight years of photographing the development, fixed characteristics and spirited nature of Queens, New York. Both Kris Graves and Eric Hairabedian were born and raised in and around Queens and through their photographic partnership share a visual history of their beloved borough.  A special selection of images from the book will be on exhibit and available for purchase for the duration of the show. After which these images will be available in small editions at the Farmani Gallery web site.

In Soho, Madga Biernat opens at Clic Gallery

© Madga Biernat opens at Clic Gallery

Magda Biernat "Continental Bounce" at Clic Bookstore & Gallery, Soho: 424 Broome street, 6-9pm

MAGDA BIERNAT's graceful, color-saturated photographs of architectural structures recently won her first place in the Architecture/Interiors category at the 2009 International Photography Awards. CONTINENTAL BOUNCE showcases the photographs taken during the year she spent traveling the world, photographing the built environment and living spaces in 17 countries. Her vibrant, minutely detailed shots are deliberately void of any known geographic or cultural identifiers, and the viewer is left to search out any possible clues of location as they look at an arid South African township, a futuristic Taiwanese diving resort, or the interior of a yurt in Mongolia.

In Chelsea, the Foley Gallery has Lydia Panas opening

© Lydia Panas

Lydia Panas "The Mark of Abel" at Foley Gallery27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 5, 6-8pm

Lydia Panas is an observer of the family dynamic.  In her photographs, she manages to capture subtle hints of those complex relationships that tend to exist within the extended family or circles of friends.  Her photographs examine the way in which these relationships are simultaneously a product of and an influence upon the identity of each member of the family group.  The subjects are arranged similarly in each image; in some verdant setting, they openly face the camera through a narrowly selective depth of field.

And at Gladstone Gallery, Jan Dibbets

© Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets at Gladstone Gallery24 street: 515 W 24 street, 6-8pm

Born in the Netherlands in 1941, Dibbets trained to be a painter, but turned to the photographic medium in the late 1960s. Harnessing the potential of photography to elucidate the conceptual variables of optics, his witty yet rigorous investigations of the elastic synthesis between object and space resulted in acute queries of vision and reality. Dibbets’ practice often resulted in richly paradoxical photographs such as his “Perspective Correction” series in which trapezoids drawn on his studio wall became perfect squares through the camera’s transformation of three-dimensional space into two-dimensional images.