Tomorrow night's Show & Tell artists

We are looking forward to premiering our new event at Dot Editions, Show & Tell: Photographers Salon, tomorrow night. We've got the digital projector and sound system ready to go, plus an exciting line-up of four artists to present their work!

If you would still like to RSVP, it looks like space will be limited, but come on by! Directions to the studio can be found here. This is a free event, so please bring a snack or drink to share! Doors open at 6pm, the talks will begin promptly at 6:30.

Here's a bit about the four guest artist speakers, who will each give a 20 minute talk, followed by questions from the audience.

Josh Gosfield will share images from his series Gigi Gaston: The Black Flower, which recently showed at Steven Kasher Gallery.


From the press release:

"Josh Gosfield has assembled the definitive archive devoted to the 1960s French pop star Gigi Gaston. Gigi’s music and the spectacle of her tragic life riveted the public through the 60s and 70s. The exhibition documents her life and loves with archival photographs, posters, record covers, magazine and newspaper articles, a music video shot by Jean Luc Godard, documentary footage, and assorted ephemera. We see her Gypsy family’s escape from Bulgaria, her affair with her stepbrother, her first guitar, her rise up (and fall down) the charts,  the car crashes, funerals, love triangles and the murder trial. All this played out in a garish media spotlight before the insatiable eyes of her public."..."In fact Gigi Gaston did not exist. Her persona and all her documents are the fictional creation of Josh Gosfield working with the aid of actors, stylists, make up artists, and Photoshop. This exhibition can leave you wondering if Madonna exists. How do you know?"

Mike Peters:


"I wander neighborhoods similar to the one I was raised in, an industrial working class suburb in New Jersey. In the faces and facades that I encounter along the way, I find a patina that can only be derived from a life lived hard. There exists an unpretentiousness for which I feel a close affinity, and in which I see much that is familiar yet want to know better. I find beauty in these faces and facades, especially when they give a hint to the inner complexities that lie beneath the surface." ... "There is a sense of ordinariness to these people and places that lie in stark contrast to life as portrayed in the media. There is nothing at all sensational going on here, just life being lived by ordinary people who do not regularly demand our attention. These are the people and places I am interested in; these are the people and places my work is all about."

Joao Carlos:


Joao was recently awarded one The Hasselblad Masters Award in 2009 for wedding/social photography. From the website: "Joao is especially inspired by 18th century and combines influences from this era with fantasy driven ideas from novels, lyrics, and poems that together can form the foundation for a strong image. Joao envisions his photography as an opportunity to create inspiring pieces of artwork, to go beyond the conventionality and impermanence of fashion and commercial photography, and to take his images to a lasting fine-art level. His appreciation for the arts in all aspects is what continues to inspire and drive him while capturing the stories in his lens."

Marc Dimov:


"Marc Dimov’s imagery spans landscape, still life and portraiture, rendering the limitless possibilities in which the photographic medium can be transformed. In his "Storm Basins" series, the artist creates surreal images of dramatically lit suburban environments, and as with all his work, continues to question the visual language of photography. ... Dimov was born in The Berkshires, Massachusetts in 1980. He received his BFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2005. His work has been exhibited in various locations throughout New York City and New England including: powerHouse Arena (Brooklyn), James Cohen Gallery (Chelsea), Cue Art Foundation (Chelsea), Artist’s Space (Soho), and South Shore Art Center (Cohassett, MA) to name a few."