Dot Edition's Digital Printing Discussion

Rocky discusses what to look for in a good image for printing, including no clipping of the histogram

Rocky Kenworthy, founder of Dot Editions hosted a Digital Printing Discussion in his Brooklyn print studio. Twenty-five  photographers braved the winter weather warnings and attended the open-forum discussion, armed with questions about archival pigment printing, paper choices, monitor calibration, and RIP software. Rocky shared his knowledge about how to work an image into an optimal archival pigment print, trouble-shooting imaging problems, paper choices, and RIP software.

What the photographers are saying about the event:

"I was very impressed with your studio. I think having the open discussion on file Prep, & printing was a great idea. Now my head is spinning with all the new info." - Patrick McCarthy

"I enjoyed being there last night, I think its a great idea." - Bart Michiels

"Last night the print with RIP and without RIP were quiet interesting to see..." - Frank Fournier

"Rocky does a very good job sharing with us what he knows and at the same time being open to what others are experiencing.  My own experience with coming to digital with a longer 'film' background gives me similar feelings, that nothing is written in stone, and you simply have to experiment. ... I think you both provide a nice environment and i feel the information is treated with enough depth that i can take it further, without so much depth that the discussion just becomes obtuse." - Richard Rethmeyer

"Thank you for having the event!  I definitely learned some helpful techniques and Rocky was very generous about sharing his knowledge.  It was much appreciated." - Carey Kirkella

Discussion of paper choices for archival pigment printing.

We are looking forward  to hosting more of these community-minded forums about the process of archival pigment printing in the future! If you are interested in being part of the discussion, please sign up for our mailing list, or become a friend of Dot Editions on Facebook!