Go sleeveless: new services for printing portfolios

In the event you haven’t been following the internet conversation discussing the future of photo books, you can catch up with it here. It all started as an online discussion between two well connected and active photobloggers, Miki Johnson of Livebooks’ Resolve blog, and Andy Adams of Flak Photo, and wrapped up with a flurry of information, links and comments between dozens of photo-based bloggers.

At Dot Editions, we are deep in the development of adding services for printing custom, short-run photo books and portfolios. This means our clients will not be limited to size and design restrictions that print-on-demand book companies have.  We’re gearing up to work with the HP Indigo Press to provide an affordable way for photographers to produce custom portfolios. We work with our clients in a collaborative process, and team up with designers and book-binders to produce one-of-a-kind books.

In a nutshell, the days of the plastic sleeve portfolios are happily behind us.  The future is wide open for your custom photo books, artist books, leave-behinds, and portfolios. If you have ideas for updating your portfolio, or creating a short-run, print-on-demand book, we look forward to collaborating with you to produce it. To get your gears turning, read this article from Heather Morton/Art Buyer's blog about photographer's portfolios in the digital age.