Josh Gosfield prints upcoming show at Dot Editions

About his experience printing at Dot Editions: "There is a very nice vibe there. Quite chill place to be... I could not be more delighted with the results." - Josh Gosfield Josh Gosfield made use of Dot Editions studio rental to print his upcoming show, opening on October 22, 2009 at the Steven Kasher Gallery. The exhibition will feature more than fifty over-sized prints, all devoted to covering the life of "Gigi Gaston - the Black Flower." Josh meticulously recreated the life of a 1960's French chanteuse, through magazine and newspaper clippings, album covers, and fan posters, following her rise as a celebrity,  love affairs and marriage, divorce, drama, and mysterious disappearance.

Josh does such a painstaking job with these prints and documentary footage, it leaves you wondering: did she ever exist?