Game on.

ADC's ping pong trophies

Last night Rocky and I decided to check out the ping pong at the Art Directors Club's  Score! Young Guns Launch Party Ping Pong Competition. We're scouting for ideas on hosting our own tournament as well as figuring out how the competition stacks up. Turns out it's pretty fierce.

Young guns at play

When we got our two new ping pong tables for the studio to use as  convenient work surfaces, we had no idea about the craze that has been sweeping the country. There is the Puma sponsored PT3 tournament, "comprised of masters from the city’s creative underground," and now there is a new super exclusive table tennis club, SPiN, backed by Fred Perry and host to such celebrities as Susan Sarandon and Ed Norton. Who would have thought ping pong had gone elite? If you don't believe me, read more here.

Our ping pong tables at work

I guess it's time for us to clean off the work surfaces and use these tables in their original intent. Stay tuned for details on our very own Dot Edition Table Tennis Championship. I'm looking into alcohol and gear sponsorships, as well as interviewing potential referees, so start  practicing, my friends.